Online activities capture students’
attention much more than pen and paper. The more focused the attention, the more likely  that real learning and
retention will take place. And certainly, one of the most important components
of test prep is practice.  Practice
that is fun is practice that gets done! 

The AOT format makes the most of today’s students’ skill and comfort with technology.  The step-by-step practice that is essential for achievement in math takes less time than with traditional methods - and it is more convenient and much more fun. Students are willing to engage in their lessons and complete their assignments.  No doubt, this translates into learning success!


Basic math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry

  • Interactive games and activities

  • Enthusiastic, dedicated tutors interested in their students

  • One-on-one and small group sessions

  • The fun of success!

Is your child excelling academically and thirsting for challenge?

AOT helps students soar above and beyond standard grade-level lessons. Ask about our programs for academically gifted and talented students.

Regardless of your location, Advantage Online Tutoring can achieve dramatic academic and skill breakthroughs. With our distance learning format, we can connect families in urban and rural areas with expert tutors who otherwise would not be available.  Advantage Online Tutoring has the solution for you!

We help with:

  • ​Mathematics
  • Reading
  • Language Arts
  • Homework
  • Study Skills
  • Test Preparation

​​We provide:

  • Experienced, qualified, professional tutors who love what they do
    Customized individual learning plans
    State standard- based instruction
    Flexible scheduling
    ​Tutoring in any weather!

We will:

  • Close learning gaps
  • Strengthen existing skills
  • Increase confidence
  • Foster enthusiasm for learning

Test Preparation

3rd-8th Achievement Assessments

Offering a new



With real-time interaction between AOT students and their tutors, communication is continuous and therefore, as effective as in face-to-face tutoring sessions. Writing is through interactive screens, and speech is live through microphones, so questions and feedback are instantaneous.  Instruction is focused and personal; learning stays on course!.


AOT students look forward to tutoring time!

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Online Tutoring

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At AOT, our mission is two-fold:  We fill the learning gaps while fostering life-long learning skills.  This way, your child will continue to progress even when we are not there to help. Students are provided a “virtual toolbox” – a collection of personal learning strategies to carry with them through their schooling and add to along the way. These are tools that will help them to succeed at everything they attempt.  AOT parents routinely see significant improvement in their child’s math, language, and study skills.  Particularly thrilling is the boost in their child’s confidence that follows, paving the way for continued success!

Language Arts

Phonics, Reading, Comprehension